Pre-qualificationThe application period started on May 26, 2020 and will end on July 9, 2020 at 04:00 pm CET (deadline).To meet this deadline by electronic submission, a form generated through this website and additional documents must be submitted as uploads.

Thus the application procedure consists of two stages (A and B)- firstly the filling out of the online application form, and secondly the electronic submission of the application form plus all the other application materials required.

Compact information and details concerning the pre-qualification procedure incl. assessment of the applications, are explained in the Annex part 3 and 4 to the official announcement available on this website in the section downloads.

Stage APlease enter your data into the application form on this website (access link on the bottom of this page).
For the application you must enter into the online application form the following data (text and image files):
Step 1
Office data (company name, address, etc.)
Step 2
Persons authorized to represent (names, professional qualification, admission to the profession, etc.)
Step 3
Applicant consortia/subcontractors: If applicable, details as to any formation of consortia by the planning partners
Step 4
Project references: Information and details of 5 reference projects (3 reference projects for architecture services, 1 reference project for structural engineering services and 1 reference project for environmental/sustainability services) comparable to the competition task and uploading. Together with the information one image file per reference must be uploaded (in a resolution sufficient for printing in A3 landscape format min. 200 dpi) and one text statement should be added. The image file for the project reference should include several themes (photos, renderings, layouts, site plan, elevations, sections, text etc.) and refer to the criteria B described in Annex part 6 of the competition notice.
Step 5
Declarations: (as to eligibility, non-existence of impediments to participation, sufficient insurance coverage for professional indemnity in the case of being commissioned, etc.)
Step 6
Review: In this step you can check your entries online before creating the PDF document of the online application form. In case of possible changes to the entries, the applicant can go back to the previous steps.
Step 7A
Completion of the online application form: a PDF document of the online application form is generated with all the content entered online and a reduced representation of the uploaded image files. Completion of the application as electronic submission (upload) see stage B.
Stage BStep 7B
Electronic submission of the application (upload)
Afterwards the request to participate must be submitted electronically via For this purpose, all parts of the application must be submitted electronically as a scan via the online application platform (upload)
The request to participate consists of the following documents:
1 Online application form including self-declarations
2 Proof of authorization to represent
3 Power of attorney
4 Declaration of commitment of sub-consultants (in case of sub-consultants)
5 Evidence of professional qualification/admission

Submissions going beyond this will not be considered.

Original documents and evidence must be kept and, if necessary, presented on request.
Only applications that have been registered within the application period using the electronic online application form at can be considered. There is no entitlement to reimbursement of costs during the application procedure.
The data uploaded by applicants at the end of the application is stored on a separate segment of a server rented from an external provider. Access is only granted through programming after the application deadline.
The application period has ended on July 9, 2020 at 4.00 pm.